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Tavolara Island Trekking Experience

Tavolara Island Trekking Experience

The island of Tavolara is a majestic mountain that rises 565 meters above the sea, mostly consisting of limestone rock from the Mesozoic era.

The first part of the itinerary crosses the main granite part of the island by following a trail surrounded by various Cistus flowering plants, then crosses a typical Meditteranean forest of olive trees until reaching the first limestone rocky ledge.

The trail leads through a Juniper forest that occasionally offers glimpses to the Gulf of Olbia and the sea just below and then you’ll reach the summit where you can walk on the naked rock. Finally you’ll reach the overhanging wall which is being approached by using a handrail made with fine strings and secured through longes. The last part of the trekking can be exceeded by using a twenty foot via ferrata, a steel cable wich runs along the route fixed to the rock and protected with a steel wire.

Trip Grade
Level 3. Walking and/or trekking on various types of moderate terrain, inclouding rough trails or light canyoning.

Once we’ll pass the last segment of Via Ferrata we can reach the peak of the mountain of Tavolara, Punta Cannone. From the peak of Tavolara we can finally admire the amazing scenario of San Teodoro. The descent is made with a double rope of 35 meters and then by following the starting trail we’ll able to reach the starting poit in half an hour.

San Teodoro

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